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Online Mixing, mastering & audio Editing

 Who is this for?


  • My value is found by singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, bands and voice-over artists that enjoy the writing and recording process but get stuck in the weeds when trying to achieve a commercially competitive and professional final sound. ​

Why use this service?

  • Mixing is a distinct stage from the tracking session; requiring a different mindset, skills and equipment.

  • Never underestimate the value that fresh ears can bring to a project. Paradoxically, your creative and emotional attachment to the song may be the thing holding it back from sounding its best.

  • My acoustically treated, and Sonarworks calibrated, LEDE design control room increases my ability to make the correct mix decisions. This will bring out the best of your music and ensure translation across multiple systems.

  • I own some rather nice analogue gear that'll help impart depth, character and vibe to your music.

How does it work?

I'm located in Gloucestershire, UK, and this is an online service: 

  1. Drop me an email to start the conversation.

  2. Send the stereo rough mix so I can identify the unique direction your song is heading; I'll provide a project proposal for you to review.

  3. Make a payment in full, upload your session files using the link provided and I'll do the rest.

  4. I will then deliver stereo mixes or stems for your mastering engineer to prepare for wider distribution. The fee includes up to three mix revisions.

  5. Alternatively, I can provide the fully-mastered stereo files for you to immediately upload to online streaming; let me know what you need.

How much will it cost?

Track count is an important aspect; more tracks equate to more time. Thus, I provide a 4-tiered service to suit a variety of needs. Of course, I'll want to speak with you personally about each project before a price is agreed; each song is unique and will require a considered and bespoke approach.


'My job is to help you achieve your sonic vision'